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Welcome to the homepage I am delighted with your interest in urban gardening. On my private website on the topic „Guerilla Gardening“ I access various aspects of urban gardening. I have been interested in the nursery and the cultivation of plants such as tomato plants on balconies or in urban areas for many years. Many people are disturbing the grey in grey cities, just like me. For some years now there has been a new movement that has set itself the goal of bringing nature back to the city. Some grow vegetables and fruit on fallow land. Others beautify small green areas with flowers and herbs.

What does that look like to you? Are you interested in beautifying your city? Do you want more nature in your Umgebebung? Then start doing something for it! Go out and find small green areas or fallow terrain and start planting something there.

Another topic that interests me is urban mining. The issue of recycling is becoming increasingly important as raw materials and precious metals become increasingly rare. Especially the extraction of gold, silver, platinum, etc. from electronic scrap is worth increasing. I need to collect their own experiences with this topic and gain valuable metals from waste boards and processors. The gold material I then installed sold to buy a gold and could give me a little of the money. Of course you can also use a refinery.

Unfortunately, planting without the OK of the owner or the city is not legal. However, the young environmental activists do not mind much and it is also cultivated without consent vegetables, flowers and herbs. This is why guerilla gardening is also spoken. Of course, there are also approved projects for the areas to be made available. They talk about urban gardening.

The movement of guerilla gardening has undergone steady influx in recent years. Seed bombs are already being offered in the trade, as demand has risen so much. I also try to beautify my surroundings. However, I speak with private property owners and plant only with permission of this. How do you feel about this topic? Can you understand why this kind of urban beautification is illegal? I think the legislator should quickly improve. What can be better than citizens show their own initiative?

How does guerilla gardening work at all and how can I begin with it?

All you need at the beginning is the desire to embellish something, some initiative, ideas and some plants or seeds.

  1. Of course you need a free space. A piece of neglected land is ideal, but not to be found everywhere.. A traffic island, a small strip, an unused flower bucket or a small bed around a tree is completely fine for the beginning.
  2. Next, you need to think about what you want to plant. If it is to be more elaborate and more intensive, then choose vegetables and Co. If you want to achieve fast results, you should put on fast growing flowers.
  3. Doing things alone is, of course, stupid, so seek out your comrades. Guerilla gardening is not only about beautification, but also about the community! Actively talk to people and neighbors.
  4. Once a surface is found, you can start planting. You may have to bring some potting soil for the beginning to increase the soil.
  5. To protect your chosen bedding, you can create a small fence made of wood, stones or wire mesh. Dogs and passers-by could otherwise trample the bed.
  6. Be sure to pour after the plants! Pack a small canister or a few bottles of water.
  7. Only with your help will a small blooming garden develop from the planted. In dry seasons, you should definitely go pouring back and forth. If weed threatens to overgrow it, you have to weed it out or cut it back.
  8. It will certainly happen that your bed is ignorantly destroyed, or someone interferes with it. Don’t be discouraged and talk to local residents and neighbors about your project. In most cases, you will come across positive feedback and be ready to engage with you.

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Urban gardening and alternative gardens are possible for all!

Even if you are not Dazubereit „illegal“ to beautify your city, you can grow crops on your property, on your balcony or on your windowsill. It is ideal for vegetables, herbs or simply pretty flowers. Remember that flowers also have a great added value for nature in your environment. You offer bees, bumblebees and other insects food and shelter. The creation of hedges and shrubs is also of great benefit for birds. In the protection of the thicket, songbirds and co were able to brew.