City Urban Mining

Urban mining and extraction of precious metals by electronic recycling

Have you ever wondered what urban mining understands? I can explain that to you! Urban mining is the production of raw materials such as metals or precious metals from waste and metal scrap. This makes it possible to obtain high quality steel from old washing machines. Precious metals such as gold, silver, platinum or palladium can be extracted from old mobile phones and computers. Considering how much the classical deterioration of the metals pollutes the environment, it becomes clear why consistent recycling is so important for our nature. In fact, recycling recycled materials, waste paper and glass is also part of urban mining.

Urban mining is the English term for urban excavation and mining in urban areas. This is due to the fact that the city as a commodity mine. The first is to identify the deposits and quantify the raw materials or secondary raw materials contained therein. A bail could dump an old trash or the scrap yard next door. It is necessary to calculate whether the costs for recovery are covered by the subsequent sale. Of course, the resources needed for the procurement of valuables must also be proportionate to the funds won. Urban mining is particularly well suited for many years in the construction of rubble, glass, paper, plastic and bio-waste. All these raw materials create new products again.

How do I win gold from waste?

The extraction of gold from waste requires a certain amount of preparation and a few accessories. Old computers are best suited for recycling. Here I show you how to win gold from the old CPUs. Of course, this also goes with old mobile phone cards, working shops etc.

  1. Find an old computer.
  2. Disconnect the computer from the power connector and make sure there is no more plug. For precaution, all cables from the computer.
  3. Update the CPU first.
  4. To do this: loosen the screws of the panel of the computer.
  5. To do this: Search and release the fans. The CPU is usually located under/behind a Flash fan.
  6. To do: Disconnect and remove the fan from the motherboard.
  7. To do this: remove the fan as undamaged and careful as possible.
  8. For this: On the back of most fans, a nice adhesive layer is applied, you should not touch, and place the fan on a non-sensitive surface.
  9. Now you have worked your way up to the CPU and can start dismantling it.
  10. To do this: use the lever on the CPU to get this out
  11. On the bottom side of the processor are the gilded Steckpins to which you have to put it aside.
  12. Now heat the CPU from the non-gold side.
  13. Scrape the gold-containing pins with a metal object.
  14. Now you need to set up a hydrochloric acid container.
  15. In addition: you will need an approx. 9 litre Kunstoffbehälter with lid for 1 kilo of waste.
  16. In addition: Fill the container with the waste and abundance as well as acid, which is all covered.
  17. Important: The process needed oxygen and therefore the lid cannot be closed completely. He should just lie loose.
  18. Important: Because the process produces toxic fumes, do not do this in closed rooms and make sure that there is sufficient ventilation. Also do not bow, look in and breathe in!
  19. Now you need some patience. Stir the whole thing on a regular basis with an old wooden spoon.
  20. Wait until the gilded pins become brittle and the gold dissolves.
  21. It is a solution or a ground mud.
  22. If you now filter the mixture with a sieve, gold will be in this.
  23. Congratulations, you have successfully cleaned for gold!
  24. Please dispose of the used acid in a recycling yard!

Please note that this process is not really worthwhile and that you will not get rich. Just as the gold mining in nature is attractive for nature lovers, the city waste is more of a technology enthusiast.